Monetize Your Website

Many small business owners monetize their website to offset costs of content, maintenance, and advertising.

01/21/2018 - Joanne Prentice knew advertising would be a major cost of creating awareness for her online apparel store, but the costs proved far worse than she imagined.

Up against major brand competitors, she had little hope of rising to the top of search results. She needed an edge. She needed to offer something more, something that would make her website stand out.

She Became An Expert

Joanne became an expert. She expanded her website to provide expert advice on how to select accessories, how to match colors, and even what hair styles best match various styles of apparel. Search engines love original content and content that drives social traffic to a website. Soon, her website earned higher placement in search results. Additionally, so many people loved her expert advice that traffic from social media sites exploded.

There was just one problem - content and website development are expensive! Joanne was spending heavily with Google Adwords to drive traffic to her website. So, she knew there had to be at least some value to website ad placements. She applied for a Google Adsense account and began displaying ads on her website.

Soon, the Adsense ads on her website were covering nearly her entire cost of producing all that wonderful content. Joanne was home free! You can do it too. After all, would you be in the business you're in if you weren't an expert?

Google Adsense

Adsense is currently the undisputed leader in online advertising.

Adsense is the undisputed leader in online advertising. With millions of advertisers, you're guaranteed to have relevant ads.

You don't need to worry about competitors targeting your site, because Adsense allows you to block ads and advertisers you don’t want appearing on your site.

Adsense Knows Mobile

Consumers are increasingly choosing to browse using mobile devices. AdSense makes dealing with mobile easy with Adsense Responsive Ad Units that automatically adjust to the browser's screen size, ensuring you generate income even when visitors view your site on a smartphone or tablet.

You also don't need to worry about ads creating an eyesore on your site. Adsense allows you to choose ad sizes, styles, and colors that easily blend with your site, and you choose where to place each ad to maintain the look and feel of your website.

The income you receive easily offsets the cost of developing a high quality site with content your customers find valuable and useful.

To learn more about becoming an Adsense publisher, visit: Adsense


Until recently, Adsense had little competition. Most competitors suffered from low quality advertisers and hackers placing ads with malicious code in them. Unlike Google, which employs more than a thousand ad reviewers, smaller rivals find it difficult to prevent malicious advertisers from damaging customer websites. is the Yahoo/Bing answer to Google Adsense providing advertisers with a high quality alternative., which has a close relationship with Yahoo/Bing, is the #2 advertising platform. Providing similar high quality advertising from many of the same advertisers as Adsense. Consequently, has been rapidly encroaching on what used to be an Adsense monopoly. provides most of the same services as Adsense, including ads that blend with your website, a high quality ad inventory, and good publisher control over what is displayed and where. However, also provides exclusive access to the Yahoo/Bing Contextual Ad network, the alternative to Google Adwords. As a result, you're assured the ads appearing on your website are from the same high quality advertisers that advertise on Adwords.

The Yahoo/Bing Contextual Ad network has been growing rapidly, creating real competition to Adsense.

Due to heavy investment from Microsoft, the Yahoo/Bing Ad network has been growing by leaps and bounds for the past several years and, while Bing and Yahoo remain behind Google in total search volume, the gap between them has been rapidly closing.

There's also an important difference in audience between Yahoo/Bing users versus Google users. Many of the queries to Google search are more information oriented than consumer oriented. That is, a lot of Google queries are from people who want to know how to build what they want, while Bing queries are more from people who want to know where to buy it.

Still, because doesn't have as large an advertiser base, the value of a click is seldom as great as what you might receive from Adsense, at least for now. As Bing and Yahoo continue to erode Google's search volume, and continues to grab large chunks of market share from Adsense, the value of ads can be expected to rise substantially in the very near future.

What Makes Better

The biggest difference and Adsense is Customer Service. Google has a long standing reputation for lousy customer service, focusing on high volume brand name companies while ignoring smaller customers. Their attitude toward low traffic Adsense publishers even seems begrudging.

Additionally, the Google search team and Adsense team don't seem to be on the same page when it comes to policies. Search frequently changes policies, destroying years of effort building site traffic, without so much as a heads up to site owners. The Adsense team has been known to make recommendations that conflict with Search, resulting in more clicks per thousand page views, but so much less search traffic that site owners have a net loss. customer service is excellent in every respect. Every publisher is assigned a dedicated account representative who works on a team that is dedicated to maximizing your ad placement value. You can even speak on the phone with your dedicated account representative. For new business owners, that can make a huge difference.

To learn more about becoming a publisher, visit:

You don't need to choose

The important thing to remember is that you don't need to choose Adsense versus Apply for both and use both, just as you maintain an Adwords account and a BingAds account.

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